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Happy Easter and TCHO Chocolate!

Happy Easter!


I was one of the lucky people who got in on the free giveaway of TCHO chocolate from Blake Makes.  I saved it for my husband’s Easter basket because he gave up sweets for Lent and I knew that he would enjoy it.  I also snagged a taste for myself.

TCHO is rich and strong with a subtle, smooth flavor and texture. It melts in your mouth, very palatable with a slight bitter aftertaste that is the sign of very good chocolate. It was not waxy, grainy, or gritty.

As my husband bit into this delectable treat his eyes closed and he whimpered a little. He would travel to the ends of the earth for this chocolate.


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Decorating Easter Eggs

Since no matter whose year it is to have the kids for Easter, I always have them Easter morning, so Mr. E. Bunny still visits. This means that we dye eggs. The kids have been looking forward to Easter this year, and have been asking me when we were going to start the eggs. So, I boiled a dozen last night. One of the shells cracked in the process, so it was eaten at lunch, by me, today. But the others were flawless, so they will be art!

We are trying something new this year that I saw at Family Fun. I’ll post pictures when we are done.

Dripped-On Eggs

Craft Materials:
Hard-boiled eggs
Rubber cement
Egg dye

Time needed: Under 1 Hour

1. To start, rest the egg in an empty egg-carton lid or on a section of paper-towel tube set upright. Or, wear rubber gloves and hold the egg. Then, using the applicator brush, dribble gobs of rubber cement over the egg.

2. When the cement has dried thoroughly, dip the egg into a bowl of dye. When the desired shade is achieved, remove the egg and let it dry.

3. Peel off the glue and add additional colors, if desired.

Colors we used:
Pretty Purple – 5 Red + 15 Blue
Orange Sunset – 17 Yellow + 3 Red
Teal – 5 Blue + 15 Green
Red – 20 Red
Mellow Yellow – 17 Yellow + 3 Green
Mint Green – 14 Green + 6 Yellow

Crafter’s comments
I experimented with this before trying with older preschoolers. The rubber cement has vapors TOO STRONG to use with a craft project for children. I used Elmer’s “Galactic Glue”. (It’s advertised as a ‘no run, gravity proof’ glue.) Because it can be squeezed from the bottle, it is easy to work with & can be peeled off after drying also.
– ellen G

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