About Me

I’m 5’4″, with hazel eyes and a strong fixation for frogs. I believe in a higher power, and although I was raised Catholic, I’m more Agnostic than anything else. I have short auburn hair that is curly and out of control. My favorite movie of all time is Tank Girl. I love the smell of cut grass and the way the air smells when it rains. I love to be in love. I’m a graphic designer by degree, but hated creating for Corporate America, so I do my art on my own time. I love to sew, and design clothes. I have two children, twins, Elsie Elizabeth and William Bleys. I’m also a twin. I have a twin sister, but we are nothing alike. I, currently, have 7 tattoos. My favorite time of year is spring, when the world wakes up from its winter slumber. I get along with my parents and I’m a Pittsburgh Steeler fan.


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