Leftover Week

With Easter came colorful eggs, foil wrapped chocolate, and tons of leftovers.  We brought home containers filled with ham, deviled eggs, potato casserole, coleslaw, shrimp pasta salad, oven-roasted parsnips and turnips, oven-roasted Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, lemonade pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie with oatmeal topping, Oreo cheesecake, and a big ham bone.  Some recipes I still have to get from my mother, like the shrimp salad and the lemonade pie, yummy!  Others, I cook on a regular basis.  And, I really should ask my aunt for her potato casserole recipe, since my husband promptly consumed what we brought home.

This week’s menu is leftovers.  
Sunday: Easter dinner at my parents’ house
Monday: ham, deviled eggs, pasta salad, coleslaw, and potato casserole
Tuesday: ham, parsnips/turnips, sprouts/cauliflower, and pasta salad
Wednesday: spinach salad with ham, eggs, scallions, Trader Joe’s wasabi almonds, anchovies, black olives, goat cheese, McCormick salad topper, cucumber, oil, and pomegranate vinegar.
Thursday: split peas soup (I made ham stock with the bone today following this recipe from 80 Breakfasts.
Friday: I really don’t know yet. I have more hard boiled eggs, so maybe I’ll just whip up a bacon and egg salad sandwich.
Saturday: Veal Parmigiana with fresh mozzarella (We’ll be out of leftovers by then, I think hope!)


And, the kids had sugar eggs for desert, tonight. Too cute not to share: (My husband gets to peel them off the ceiling later.)




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